1. Make sure charge tank has enough fluid to prime the line. Fill up to red line.

2. Move valve handle to the horizontal position. 

3. Pull out enough of the to reach the main tank. Place hose inside tank. 

4. Start engine. let run at idle. Turn switch to water. Quickly go to water hose and watch water run until it comes out in a steady stream. You want no air in the line. Once a steady stream is flowing turn switch off.

5. Turn valve handle to the vertical position for main tank. 

6. Attach wand to hose and place in tank.

7. Turn up rpms to operating speed. Turn switch to water. Squeeze trigger on wand and pressure should become steady.

8. If completing these steps one time does not fix the issue of no pressure. Then repeat these steps a few times. If there is still a pressure issue follow these next additional steps.


1. Check to see if you have a plastic fitting on the pump. On older models this plastic fittings was installed and will crack. If cracked replace with steel or brass fitting.

2. Open the cap on the main water tank. Looking inside you will see a pvc tube with a screen on the bottom. Check the screen for debris. This screen could clogged and lose suction. Check the pvc for cracks. As these can crack and you will lose presssure. 

3. Check both of these hoses for cracks, cuts, holes or a kink.