1. Remove the four screws holding the upper cover in place.

2. Pull apart or tap the side of the cover with a soft hammer till free. Flip cover and disconnect the three connections.

3. Disconnect the two connections on the lower board.

4. Now flip over p2. with the bottom facing up make two marks on lower housing cover and housing to ensure correct placement when put back on.

5. Remove the 5 screws on the lower cover. Then pull apart or hit with soft hammer to separate lower cover from housing.

6. Disconnect last connection

7. Remove the four screws that are recessed in the board.

8. Remove the three screws on top of the board. 

9. Discard old board and out new one in place by tightening the four recessed screws.

10. Tighten the outer three screws.

11. Clean both mating surfaces to ensure nice fit.

12. Using gasket sealer apply a thin layer on the mating surface of the housing.

13. Put lower cover with circuit board back in place by lining up the marks previously made.

14. Tighten the five screws on the lower housing cover.

15. Wipe of any excess gasket sealer that may have squeezed out.

16. Flip P2 back over and connect the three connectors. Clean both mating surfaces.

17. Connect the three connectors back onto the upper board. 

18. Using gasket sealer. Apply a thin layer to the housing surface.

19. Close it back together and tighten the 4 screws.

20. Wipe of any gasket sealer that may have squeezed out.