1. Add Documentation Fields

Go to System Settings > Program Settings

Check that “Documentation” switch is set to “On” (1)

Select the “Documentation” button (2)

On the “Documentation List” screen, select the “New” button (3).  Type in the name of the field using the on screen or USB keyboard and select the “Finish” button or hit enter on the USB keyboard to save it (4).  Repeat this step for all of the fields required.

2. Edit Program

Unless the program is set up to either print or save the log files, the documentation fields will not be editable.

To enable the documentation fields, do one of the following:

A. Print Data Log Files

Go to the “Basic Adjustments” page, find the setting for “Print Data Log Files” and turn the switch to “On”. (3)

Under “Printer Selection” choose either “Internal” to use the built-in printer, or select the printer you want to use from the list.

When the weld is complete, the log should print automatically and include your documentation fields.

B. Save Data Log Files

Go to the “Basic Adjustments” page and find the setting for “Save Data Log Files”.

Choose “First USB” to automatically save to the first available USB drive when plugged in. (4)

If you need to make sure a specific USB drive is inserted before welding, insert the drive then choose it from the dropdown menu.  It will be given a unique ID that is tied to that specific drive.

Now that the program is set to create log files, go to the “Documentation” screen of the program adjustments and the fields will be editable.  Fill in the data, perform the weld, and the data will show on the log file.