Pairing HC-100 to Bluetooth

1. Go to settings

2. Go to connections

3. Go to Bluetooth

4. Click on add new device

5. Click on which device you are using. Then tap next

6. Type in 1234 in he password box. Then tap next

7. Click on Done

8. Click on COM Ports

9. Click on New Outgoing Port

10. Click on the device you are using. Then tap next

11. Click the arrow down symbol

12. Click on COM5

13. Uncheck the secure connection box. Then tap Finish

14. Click OK

15. Click on the windows icon

16. Make sure Bluetooth is on. Then click Vitals Mobile

17. Click on Controller

18. Click on Yes

19. Bluetooth bar should be in blue. 

20. If this process does not work refer to HC-100 Bluetooth cleaning instructions.