1. You can go directly to support.ehwachs.com to get to the main tech support page.

2. You can also get to the support.ehwachs.com through any of the ehwachs.com, turnvalves.com, and orbitalum.us websites using the following path:

- First click on "Contact" 

- Next click on "Technical Support"

- Finally click on "Online Support Request"

3. Once you are on the support.ehwachs.com website you can submit a ticket by clicking on the "New Support Ticket" link

4. You can also submit tickets using your mobile phone.  To submit a ticket using your phone click on the "+" symbol.

5. After you open up a new ticket a blank form will pop-up.  Fill in all of the fields, attach any pictures or files, and click the submit button.

6. After you submit your ticket you will get an email from support@ehwachs.freshdesk.com, check your junk email if you do not see it in your inbox.  The subject line will read: "Ticket Received".  The body of the email will look like the image below:

7. If this is your first time submitting a ticket you will also receive an email asking you to activate your account.  The activation email will look like the image below:

8. If you click the link to activate your account a page will pop-up asking you to type in your name and to create a password.  After you fill in the information and click "Activate and Login" you will be taken to your portal on the support.ehwachs.com  website where you can view all of your old and open tickets.  

9. After you activate your account you can go to support.ehwachs.com and login at any time.

10.  After you click "LOGIN" you caan type in your email address and password to login to your account.

11. Once you login you can check the status on any tickets associated with your account.

12.  While checking the status of tickets you can view tickets, search for tickets, open tickets and reply to the tech support team.  The screen below shows you what will pop-up if you click on the "Check Ticket Status" link.

13.  If you click on any of your tickets you can view, edit, and add to your ticket as shown in the image below.